The Frog is out of the Bag...

Celebrity Chef and Restaurant owner Adam Handling mentions working with JJ Adams Live on TV on BBC One's Saturday Kitchen. The footage is available to view on JJ's Instagram feed on the right of this page and the link below.

Scottish Chef of the year, Masterchef Pro and Restaurant owner Adam Handling will be opening his flagship restaurant in Covent Garden in late 2017 and has allowed JJ Adams to curate the interior with his own work. Adam's infamous restaurant The Frog in Shoreditch can be found here:

The Devil is in the detail, Easter Eggs and hidden messages...

JJ explains his unique style of adding and hiding objects in his work.

"This is something I get asked about a lot"


"Hiding objects, words and messages in my work is something I have been doing since I was a kid, I used to love staring at old Iron Maiden album covers looking for the hidden logos and messages, I would draw fighter jets as a kid from a picture in a magazine but then add my own elements to it, many times I would even add Iron Maiden logos, little hidden messages, bullet holes, graffiti, nose art and so on.

Add to that my love of the 2000AD comic characters "The ABC Warriors" who were robots that always had words added in somewhere on their arms or guns and my love of the artwork of "Tank Girl", you should have seen my school diary and school bag, it was covered with logos and messages, my version of graffiti in my teens was to scrawl something random or funny on a wall as I walked past at school or on the way home or I would trace a character out of a comic book and turn them into something else adding my own elements, so by the time I was apprenticing to be a tattoo artist at 18 years old, my tattoo flash drawing would always have hidden messages. It's part of who I am, I can't help adding my own touch to things preferably with a little humour.

It was a natural progression. I want to give the viewer something more than just the image, something that they'll find later and not straight away or give them something to laugh at to brighten their day or something that no matter how hard they try and work it out, it will never make any sense.

I have noticed that a few other artists are trying to do the same right now, I guess it's becoming trendy to hide easter eggs to convey a message, using graffiti and tattoos and words that are relative to the subject matter and I always wonder where their real inspiration comes from and why they are doing it. Do they understand graffiti and do they know why they are doing it? It only works with a very strong image to start with. I just hope that their initial idea and their images don't get lost in all the added detail."

I'd like to think of it as my own unique style that I created on my own but it's not really is it, I had a puzzle when I was five years old of hundreds and hundreds of tiny baked beans dressed in clothing doing random things like water skiing and driving cars, I'd stare at it for hours trying to find the hidden things they were doing. I honestly think I owe my artistic style to the guy that created that baked bean puzzle, it's entirely his fault." - JJ



INSPIRATION: JJ shares his thoughts behind one of his recent pieces.


Knights of Disorder

Knights of Disorder

"The inspiration for this piece stems back to my youth and spending so many hours browsing local VHS video rental stores looking for something to rent out. There used to be so many films with covers filled with amazing artwork, most of the time they gave the film a whole different feeling to what it actually was about, it used to fuel my imagination and nine times out of ten I would rent the film based on the cover and nine times out of ten the film would be terrible. A lot of those classic 80's films have not made it to DVD or Blu-Ray and are lost in our VHS memories.

This piece is all about that feeling, wondering what the film would be like, how bloody it would be, how scary it would be and if it would live up to it's cover artwork.

This is my imagination running wild, after visiting the graffiti covered Leake Street underneath Waterloo station in south London late at night recently to do some paste ups, my mind started to wonder about what was behind one of the old doors in the tunnel, it was dark, it was scary and the "Knights of Disorder" idea started to form. I was careful not to wake them...

The title of the piece is a play on words as I was out causing disorder that night and I went so far as to add myself into the piece with a photo of myself on the far left covered by a "Please Rewind" sticker. There are many hidden Easter eggs in this piece and many references to the South London location which I live close to. Each print also has a custom hologram VHS sticker that I have stuck on before signing with my diamond logo on it.

The funniest bit for me personally is the Latin embroidered on the bottom of the central characters tunic which translates: "Screw you and the horse you rode in on bruv, innit"

As the description on the cover says: "There is no escape from the nightmare that has waited 700 years to return." Enjoy the film..

"HYDE" Official Launch Night in Kensington with JJ Adams and DJ Jaguar Skills.

The Official launch night of Hyde Cocktail Lounge in Kensington on the 14th of September went down a storm. JJ Adams attended the event along with the infamous DJ Jaguar Skills as well as a host of celebrities and press all enjoying the incredible food and bespoke cocktails surrounded by JJ's work. Whilst we are fortunate enough to be able to show you some of the photos taken on the night, many taken at it's peak were unable to be shown due to certain guests attending, but it was an incredible night.

When asked about how the night went JJ's reply was "At one point I went upstairs onto the street and was admiring some Rolls Royce's that belonged to a VIP guest only to glance over and see the Duchess of Cambridge turning into Kensington Palace not 15 metres away and that was the icing on the cake for me, it was a really good night."

If you intend on visiting this fresh new underground cocktail lounge in Kensington, Hyde serve amazing food and cocktails, it'll be impossible not to have a great night out.

Hyde Kensington Bar & Restuarant opens and is curated by JJ Adams.

JJ Adams adds his own touches to Hyde in Kensington, this is what he says about it:

"Having had such a big response to the project I’ve been working on with the guys at Hyde Kensington,  the bar and restaurant located opposite the iconic Kensington Palace, I thought I’d write something on it for those wishing to visit so that you know what to expect.
This project has been absolutely huge and a long time in the making but something I’m so proud of. There are a number of installations that I enjoyed curating that include a full size throne and armour set, custom roulette table, lightbox collection, originals and prints that are either on loan to the venue, specially adapted one off originals or part of a private collection. I also had the chance to collaborate with the incredible London Neon artist "Courty" who provided the awesome neon artwork seen in the entrance above the throne.

The lightbox collection, first devised a few years ago and completed over 12 months ago now, were a tester and part of the inspiration for my ‘Surgery Collection’ from later in 2015.
It’s been amazing to see them up close again after so long but they are in a great home and are definitely worth the trip to see. I will not be releasing limited edition prints of this work as they are part of a private collection from early last year, so this is your only chance to see the originals on display."

Hyde serve incredible food and cocktails, it'll be impossible not to have a great night out.


T: 020 7368 6677


Gentlemen of the Road & Mumford & Sons present "Johannesburg" at Lights of Soho.

A great evening of South African art and music and celebrating Mumford & Sons recent Tour of South Africa as well as their new EP "Johannesburg" at Lights of Soho in London. A commissioned limited edition print is on display from JJ Adams as well as Photography of the band taken on their tour.

JJ works with Mumford & Sons to create unique artwork on show at Lights of Soho.

JJ was approached by Mumford & Sons to create a unique piece of artwork to celebrate their recent 2016 tour of South Africa, the piece of art will be on display at Lights of Soho gallery in London from June 30th - 9th July and will also be made available as a short run limited edition print. Watch this space, more details on the free event below.

JJ Creates EP album cover artwork for DJ Jaguar Skills and Viper Recordings.

JJ Adams was commissioned to create artwork for Radio 1 favourite and club DJ Jaguar Skills with his new EP titled "Ready to Rock".  The artwork will also be available as a very limited edition print. See image below. Link to Jag Skills website for more info

JJ Adams releases his "Surgery" Collection.

While many were surprised by the new works and fresh style, JJ insisted that it's not a new direction altogether with his work but just a change of scenery, something fresh that he had been wanting to do for a while. After the collection was released a few pointed out that it may have been inspired by another artist who had done something similar with X-rays as a medium a few years ago, however JJ hadn't come across his work before and said "This collection stems from me sitting in the dentist one day and wondering what could be done with X-rays as a medium and how to experiment with that style, I took seven of my favourite toys from my toy cabinet and proceeded to see what I could come up with."

The original pieces are expertly crafted illuminated glass lightboxes with the edging made from a single piece of metal and no join.

The prints are limited to 45 Editions of each. 

See the video of the exhibition and unveiling here: