Hyde Kensington Bar & Restuarant opens and is curated by JJ Adams.

JJ Adams adds his own touches to Hyde in Kensington, this is what he says about it:

"Having had such a big response to the project I’ve been working on with the guys at Hyde Kensington,  the bar and restaurant located opposite the iconic Kensington Palace, I thought I’d write something on it for those wishing to visit so that you know what to expect.
This project has been absolutely huge and a long time in the making but something I’m so proud of. There are a number of installations that I enjoyed curating that include a full size throne and armour set, custom roulette table, lightbox collection, originals and prints that are either on loan to the venue, specially adapted one off originals or part of a private collection. I also had the chance to collaborate with the incredible London Neon artist "Courty" who provided the awesome neon artwork seen in the entrance above the throne.

The lightbox collection, first devised a few years ago and completed over 12 months ago now, were a tester and part of the inspiration for my ‘Surgery Collection’ from later in 2015.
It’s been amazing to see them up close again after so long but they are in a great home and are definitely worth the trip to see. I will not be releasing limited edition prints of this work as they are part of a private collection from early last year, so this is your only chance to see the originals on display."

Hyde serve incredible food and cocktails, it'll be impossible not to have a great night out.


E: info@hydekensington.co.uk

T: 020 7368 6677