INSPIRATION: JJ shares his thoughts behind one of his recent pieces.


Knights of Disorder

Knights of Disorder

"The inspiration for this piece stems back to my youth and spending so many hours browsing local VHS video rental stores looking for something to rent out. There used to be so many films with covers filled with amazing artwork, most of the time they gave the film a whole different feeling to what it actually was about, it used to fuel my imagination and nine times out of ten I would rent the film based on the cover and nine times out of ten the film would be terrible. A lot of those classic 80's films have not made it to DVD or Blu-Ray and are lost in our VHS memories.

This piece is all about that feeling, wondering what the film would be like, how bloody it would be, how scary it would be and if it would live up to it's cover artwork.

This is my imagination running wild, after visiting the graffiti covered Leake Street underneath Waterloo station in south London late at night recently to do some paste ups, my mind started to wonder about what was behind one of the old doors in the tunnel, it was dark, it was scary and the "Knights of Disorder" idea started to form. I was careful not to wake them...

The title of the piece is a play on words as I was out causing disorder that night and I went so far as to add myself into the piece with a photo of myself on the far left covered by a "Please Rewind" sticker. There are many hidden Easter eggs in this piece and many references to the South London location which I live close to. Each print also has a custom hologram VHS sticker that I have stuck on before signing with my diamond logo on it.

The funniest bit for me personally is the Latin embroidered on the bottom of the central characters tunic which translates: "Screw you and the horse you rode in on bruv, innit"

As the description on the cover says: "There is no escape from the nightmare that has waited 700 years to return." Enjoy the film..