JJ Adams releases his "Surgery" Collection.

While many were surprised by the new works and fresh style, JJ insisted that it's not a new direction altogether with his work but just a change of scenery, something fresh that he had been wanting to do for a while. After the collection was released a few pointed out that it may have been inspired by another artist who had done something similar with X-rays as a medium a few years ago, however JJ hadn't come across his work before and said "This collection stems from me sitting in the dentist one day and wondering what could be done with X-rays as a medium and how to experiment with that style, I took seven of my favourite toys from my toy cabinet and proceeded to see what I could come up with."

The original pieces are expertly crafted illuminated glass lightboxes with the edging made from a single piece of metal and no join.

The prints are limited to 45 Editions of each. 

See the video of the exhibition and unveiling here: