JJ remixes one of his pieces of artwork for Slash from Guns n' Roses.

JJ gets a rare opportunity to create a piece of artwork for one of his idols.

After realising that Slash the guitarist from Guns n' Roses had posted one of JJ's pieces on his Instagram account, JJ got in touch with Slash and they agreed for him to come up with a bespoke piece of artwork based on the original sold out piece from 2013, a one-off 'Slash' Edition was created and it was sent off to him in L.A. The piece features many of Slash's actual tattoos as well as a nod to Lemmy from Motorhead and many hidden changes and added extras including the large snake to represent Slash himself and a completely new backdrop. The piece had to be recreated from the ground up and we feel it is a fresh new take on a classic piece with a few rock n' roll elements thrown in like the bullet belt, playboy bunny ears, hooped earrings and a Gibson Les Paul.