Barbie Paint Can
Rainbow Pride Paint Can
Action Man Paint Can
Hundred Acre Weed
Mario VS Sonic (Console War)
Mouse Fight
Dirty Disney
Dirty Disney IV
Double D (Dirty Disney II)
The Morning After
The Wizard of Oz
Dealing Skunk
Heeere's Shaggy (Private Commission)
Brand Grenades
Spraying Hands
Cease & Desist
Dance with the Devil (2013)
Dance with the Devil (Rainbow edition)
Dance with the Devil II
Dance with the Devil II (Rainbow Edition)
Dead Famous
The Kiss and Dead Famous.
The Kiss 1
Broken Heart
Forever Young
Is it a Bird.
Say What Again.. (Commissioned for Pulp Fiction Book 2011)
Tartan Soup
Birds Custard
USA Brands (Private Commission)
UK Brands (Private Commission)
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